Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Bratwurst, 38 Berwick Street

I'm not going to lie, I like sausages. I seem to be keen on an 85 - 90% meat content, more and its a little too dry, less and it tastes like a Richmond sausage, and that's not a good thing. German sausages, Bratwurst, if you will, have always been a point of contention. I just can't make up my mind. Its not that I've only had bad imitation Bratwurst bought in this country, I've been to Germany, tried them in their home country and still I am undecided. They just always taste overly processed, and overly flavoured with spices and salt. Too much of an onslaught on my palate.

I headed to The Bratwurst, hoping that I would finally be able to put this indecision to rest and eat a truly exceptional Bratwurst, after all they come from award winning butchers in Germany.

I plumped for the Bratwurst (obviously)£2.95, which comes with a Brotchen (bread roll for those who didn't pay attention in German at school). I also added chips, £2.25. German mustard was included, very kind of them. Presentation wasn't great, generic polystyrene container, the sausage was in one compartment, the uncut roll in another and the chips in another. Turns out a little self assembly was needed. Plus to cut the roll all I had was a plastic knife which wasn't really up to the job, not a huge problem but the little things make a difference. You wouldn't expect to have to assemble your own burger from McDonald's or Burger King.

It hasn't changed my opinion of Bratwurst unfortunately, the sausage is meaty - 86% apparently - but it still tastes processed and isn't a patch on a good English sausage, give me a pork and leek anyday. The chips were chips, crispy and golden, tasted of potato. They do offer other types of bratwurst, beef, turkey and onion plus not forgetting the currywurst, which according to their website isn't spicy and doesn't taste like curry, has to be eaten to be believed. Tempted? Me neither, traditional is best. One thing that does intrigue me is the Gypsy sauce that they offer. Its made from bell peppers, so no idea why its called Gypsy sauce, but nevertheless my interest is a little piqued.

All in all it is what it is fast food German style. For me there are far too many food outlets in Soho offering better quality, but I am sure this place will hit the right spot for some.

Rating: 1/5
Cost: £

Opening Times: Mon- Wed 11am - 9pm, Thurs, Fri 11am - 10pm, Sat 11am - 7pm   Closed Sundays


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