Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wok to Walk, 4 Brewer Street

I really really dislike the name of this place. I mean come on, Wok to Walk, it's rubbish. I don't get it, you don't get a wok, you get noodles, granted said noodle dish may have seen a wok during its brief cooking time, but that's as much wok as your likely to get. As for the walk part of the title sure a little bit of walking is involved as with any takeaway but not enough to justify putting it in the name of the business for goodness sake. So to sum up, barely any Wok involved and a little bit of walking -  so still no idea why its called Wok to Walk.

Right on to the more important things, the food. As previously mentioned this establishment deals in noodle dishes. Noodles, some meat or vegetable component and a sauce to be exact. As easy as one two three, which is handy as that is the way the menu works. Step 1, choose your noodles, udon, rice, egg, or if you want, try some rice, jasmine perhaps, go on be crazy I dare you. Then step 2, choose a meat or vegetable accompaniment, usual suspects here, duck, chicken, mushrooms, tofu, pak choi etc. Then step 3, choose a sauce again nothing you haven't seen before, Teriyaki, oyster, sweet and sour and voilĂ  after a little wok time you're noodles are served to you in a handy cardboard box. You know, those types you see on American TV shows but never actually get when you order Chinese in England.  

Cost wise its around the £5 to £6 mark depending on excatly what combination you go for. For freshly cooked food this isn't too bad, seems to be the average for Soho, and the portion size isn't too shabby either. As regards flavour, its got some, but it does taste a little processed, I would imagine a hefty amount of MSG is included along the line somewhere, probably the sauce. It's perfect for a quick lunch but not going to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

The best thing about Wok to Walk is the nutrition calculator that can be found on the website. Here you can choose what you might like to eat, but before you commit you can see how many calories, carbs and protein it contains. Perfect for those health conscious individuals that are so prevalent in these modern times. More to the point you can play a game to see what the lowest and highest calorie count possible is. Under 500 and over 800 respectively is what you should be aiming for.

Rating: 2.5/5
Cost: ££

Opening Times: Mon - Sun 12pm - 1am


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