Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Breakfast Club, 33 D'Arbley Street

Ok I know what you're thinking, its called the Breakfast club, so why go there for lunch. Well turns out they do lunch as well as breakfast, in fact they are open until 9pm Mon - Sat so you could even get dinner there as well if you wish. I didn't, that would go against my principles, and I am a man of principles.

Obviously, breakfasts seem to be what they do best as they have received a few awards along the way, the Observer, Timeout and the evening standard, but lunch is good also. You can get anything from a burger to a pie, to a wrap to a salad. Those wanting to feel healthy in the new year may opt for a salad, I didn't, I went with a chorizo and fried egg bap. Plenty of protein. My own slapdash attempt at the Atkins diet.

It was a nice bap! The chorizo was reasonable, and the egg was fried so i got what i asked for. The bap itself was just a plain white bread roll, nothing exceptional and not on a par with the rolls available at Fernandez and Wells or Foxcroft and Ginger. But I enjoyed eating it. For just over £5 it was filling enough to make me feel as though I had got my monies worth. Though it didn't blow me away.

Can't help thinking though that the Breakfast club comes into its own as a sit in venue rather than takeaway. Possibly the ideal place to go if you have a hangover, or if your a student with very little to do. I would certainly have frequented it when I was a student if I lived in London. Many days would have been spent there avoiding lectures and the like.

Rating: 2.5/5
Cost: ££(£)

Opening times: 8-5 Mon - Fri, 9-9 Sat, 9-5 Sun



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