Sunday, 27 May 2012

Yoobi, 38 Lexington St.

Sushi. I know what you are thinking, coloured plates and conveyor belts. Not so with Yoobi, they seem to agree with my view that conveyor belts should only be in supermarkets, gyms and on the Generation Game. Yoobi have gone for the traditional and frankly unbeatable counter and till set up. Walk up, peruse menu, place order, pay, sit and wait. Genius in its simplicity. If you want you can even watch it being made as it is prepared right in front of your eyes.

Yoobi's angle is Temaki. Quick sushi lesson coming up, those round rice and seaweed morsels that are ever so common, and often bastardised are called Maki, Temaki is something quite different. Still the main component being rice encased in seaweed, but here it's shaped into a cone. OK so not that different but I am easily impressed. Apparently they're popular in Brazil, which makes Temaki and in turn Yoobi very fusion. From Japan to Brazil to England. I'm all for the melting pot of what is modern British cuisine, especially when it delivers in acres of quality like Yoobi does.

I know I should begin by talking about how delicious and fresh the fish is, which I will later, but I want to start with the seaweed. Its crisp and packed with savoury/umami flavour which brings the rest of the ingredients together. Consider it more than a seaweed cloak to safeguard the other ingredients but instead consider it fundamental to the complete beauty of a Temaki.

Look a picture!
On to the fish, it is delicious and fresh and British which makes me happy. You have a choice of two types Tuna or Salmon but for each there are three variants plus another 3 vegetarian options. The options range from simple (£3.20) to special (£3.60) to deluxe (£4). I generally find that one is not enough for a filling lunch, two or a combination of one plus some miso soup (£2) or a salad of green beans with black sesame sauce (£2) ought to suffice. Though its the temaki that really impresses here so if you can afford two, get two.

Before Yoobi had arrived I'd never eaten much sushi, due perhaps to the lack of good quality sushi available. That has all changed with the arrival of Yoobi. I never thought that Brazilian inspired sushi would excite me so much but it has. The quality of ingredients and attention to detail is evident from the first bite. I imagine I will be frequenting Yoobi fairly often from now on and I suggest you do the same.

Current Favourite: Spicy Tuna - tuna, romaine lettuce, croutons, spicy sauce, rice.

Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: ££(£)


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