Thursday, 27 October 2011

Moolis, 50 Frith Street

Fast food, Indian style stuffed rotis to takeaway. Excellent idea, one of those ideas that makes you wonder why nobody has done it before. Still they would have to be very good to knock Moolis of their perch. Before I go any further I feel I should let you know that these aren't wraps, they are never referred to as wraps, they are moolis, which is a roti stuffed with all sorts of fresh goodness. So now you know we can get on to other things.

Everything is cooked fresh each day, even the rotis are hand made with the help of a clever machine (ingeniously called Moolita I wonder which came first moolis or Moolita) and not bought in. The fillings are also fresh, made to order and packed so full of filling you wonder how they have managed to enclose it all in one neat little roti package. Maybe its the roti itself that makes the rolling and folding seem so easy, but whenever I've tried at home to fill a tortilla wrap with as much filling as possible I end up with a wrap where all the filling falls out and I have to resort to using a fork to eat it, which defeats the purpose of making a wrap in the first place. I think from now on I will only use rotis they are the future. Or maybe I should just be a little less cack-handed.

The moolis are on and around the £5 mark but you get so much packed into them that you don't feel hungry afterwards, and if you really want to you can add a side dish of say perhaps cucumber raita, dhal or poppadom bites. The moolis also come as mini moolis which means you could have a smaller lunch or you could really treat yourself and have two different mini moolis. If thats not enough why not wash it down with a mango lassi, finish off with a brownie and then waddle off back to work, poorer in wealth but richer in regards as having dined like a king (or Queen).

One word of caution, they do offer salad boxes, please don't attempt to choose this option, sure its healthier but it is nowhere near as delicious. Don't kid yourself, I did and instantly regretted it. Never again! The daily daal though would be a good alternative especially as they offer a weekday lunchtime special, a wrap and daal for £6.

So to sum up Mooli yes, Daal yes, salad box no!

Current favourite: Goan Pork and Pomegranate Salsa Mooli, or the Chicken, actually the beef is pretty good, as is the Goat and also the Paneer. Ok so order any one of the Moolis and you'll be happy, and stay away from the salad box!

Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: ££

Open. Mon - Wed 12 - 22:00, Thurs - Sat 12 - 23:30, Sun Closed


Paul.a.Young said...

love, love, love, love them all especially the chicken Moolis and Paneer Moolis but remeber to add a Dahl to your order as its the best ive ever had.

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