Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Yalla Yalla, 1 Green's Court

Never has a food outlet caused me so much anguish and confusion but also enjoyment. On the one hand Yalla Yalla offers excellent and varied Lebanese food which is full of flavour but on the other hand the service is often, well, lacking.

Lets start with the good, the food and the price. Pretty much everything is available for take away. This gives you a huge selection of Mezze dishes to choose from, plus all the wraps. Most of the things are around £4, some cost more others less, but it really is one of the best value places around for lunch in Soho. The wraps are all toasted freshly and if you can round up a few friends or co workers you can each buy a mezze dish and have a proper lunch back in your place of work, without spending anymore than £4-5 each.

Ok I feel I need to warn you about the dark side of Yalla Yalla. The service can be a little cold, maybe its the Beirut style but I doubt it. Most of the time you almost feel as though you are causing them issues by ordering takeaway. There is limited space to stand and most likely you will be asked to stand outside which is the best place to be to be honest! By staying inside you will get in the way of the waiters and waitresses which will just anger them - the upshot being that your wrap won't get toasted properly as they will be keen to get rid of you. There is nothing worse than an undertoasted wrap, its like chewing on a dry flannel. Get it properly toasted though and it is one of my favourite wraps around, crisp and full of flavour. You are looking at at least 5 minutes under the grill, I would be tempted to hand it back to them and ask them to toast it more if it gets any less, though I am English so don't like to cause a fuss.

All in all Yalla Yalla offers excellent value for money and a huge variety of tasty lebanese food. It is well worth a visit but don't expect to be welcomed with open hands, you will get what you order, and nothing more, hopefully in the case of a wrap a toasted crisp one.

Current Favourite : Anyone of the wraps, lamb, chicken and Soujoc Sausage are all good.

Rating: 3/5
Cost: £

Open Mon - Fri 8am -11:30pm, Sat 10am-11:30pm, Sun 10am -10pm


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