Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fernandez and Wells, St Annes Court

First off are you rich, if not you may want to cease reading this guide to Fernandez and Wells. It will only upset you that you won't be able to afford a delicious sandwich from this lovely establishment on a daily basis. Very few can, though if you are one of the lucky few, I am a little jealous.

As delicious as the sandwiches are they do tend to be on the expensive side  - £6 plus is a little steep for a sandwich of average size. As nice as they are and they are really really delicious. My slow roasted pork and apple sauce roll was possibly the best sandwich i have ever eaten (and I've eaten a few) but at £6.80 it is a little hard to really justify that price.

Everything about the sandwich was top notch, the bread was excellent, best I have eaten for a long time crisp crust and soft crumb, the pork was juicy, the apple sauce added just enough sweetness, all in all it was exceptional. Other sandwiches are around the same cost, mackerel on rye bread is £6, they do offer a cheese toasty at about £4.50ish but that is as cheap as they get and those are usually gone pretty quickly.

I recommend you go to sample some of the best sandwiches around, but save it for a special occasion (next time you get a pay rise perhaps) and continue to go to your other favourite lunch haunts which are more reasonable for everyday frequenting.

Current Favourite: Slow roasted Pork and apple sauce sandwich (£6.80)

Rating: 4/5
Cost: £££

Opening Times: Mon - Sat 8 - 22:00, Sun Closed


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