Monday, 24 October 2011

Make Mine, 86 Dean Street

Nothing too fancy about this sandwich bar. You can go in buy a sandwich, all freshly made, a drink too and then be on your merry way in less than five minutes.

That is easier said than done, sure once you've chosen what sandwich you like and its being made for you you'll be out of their pretty soon. But it is the choosing what filling and what bread you want that takes the time.

 The fillings are endless, pretty much anything you want to put into a sandwich you can, within reason! They do help by giving a set list of popular fillings (Tuna Melt, Soho Club, Cajun to name but a few) but this is still a long list of 10 -15. Then you have to decide what bread you would like, focaccia, bagel, wrap, ciabatta or just normal sandwich bread. You could easily take 10minutes deciding but you'll be holding up the hungry diners behind you who have been coming here for months and know exactly what they want. You can even get yourself a salad if there's not enough choice sandwich wise.

Take your time, a good sandwich can't be rushed, it will be worth it in the end. Then while eating it you can plot what you'll have next time you visit. Soon enough you'll be a regular grumbling that the oaf in front of you is taking far too long to order, and holding everyone up.

Current Favourite: Portobello Stack - Roasted red peppers, Portobello mushrooms, brie and balsamic dressing - works best on Focaccia in my humble opinion.

Rating: 3/5
Cost: £

Open: Mon - Fri


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