Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bagel Man, Berwick Street Market.

First off, I am not entirely sure that this is the correct name for this friendly stall situated opposite Flat White on Berwick street market. There are rumours that the owners name is Tommy, but I and others like me always refer to him as the Bagel Man.

If you hadn't already guessed Bagel Man sells Bagels (hence the name). Of course this is not all he sells - loaves of bread, brownies, soup, rolls, baguettes and Portuguese custard tarts and more can be purchased - but it is the bagels that I keep going back for, oh and the occasional Portuguese custard tart (£1), often referred to as just a 'Portuguese'.

What makes these bagels stand out is the fillings. More thought has gone into them than the average sandwich. My current favourite is the Black and White Pudding with egg mayo, though others like goats cheese and beetroot, Fish finger bagel with capers (a posh take on the classic sandwich) and pastrami and pickles all work well, and offer you something a bit different to your everyday fillings that are so rife.

The bagels vary in price from £2 up to £2.80ish depending on fillings. I would suggest buying two as they can be on the small side. I would also suggest getting them toasted on the odd occasion just to mix things up a little. Plus it gives you chance to talk to Bagel man himself and find out if his name really is Tommy.

Current favourite: Fish Finger Bagel with Pickles, toasted.

Rating: 3/5
Cost: £

Open 8ish - 4ish Monday to Friday.


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